Day Distance sampling principle Exercise Comments
Monday 9th Introductory concepts Fitting detection by eye See instructions
Tuesday 10th Detection functions and estimation formulations Analysis of duck nest data Prac2 RStudio
Wednesday 11th Assumptions Assessing model fit; Multiple line transect detection function models Prac3 RStudio
Thursday 12th Estimating precision (special case systematic designs) Estimating precision under difficult circumstances (introduction to bootstrap) Prac4 RStudio
Friday 13th Point transects Importance of model choice with points; Buckland (2006) data sets Prac5 RStudio
Monday 16th Survey design Designing a) aerial marine survey; b) terrestrial point transect survey Prac6 RStudio
Tuesday 17th Stratification to improve precision Model selection to determine necessity of stratification Prac7 RStudio
Wednesday 18th Covariates in the detection function Bias in group size estimates; effect of observer on detectability Prac8 RStudio
Thursday 19th Indirect surveys; the use of multipliers Analysing dung surveys; whale blow surveys; bird song surveys Prac9 RStudio or modelling counts
Friday 20th Field methods–merging statistical practice with field protocols Overview and summary; additional resources No computer exercise

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