Companion site for April delivery of distance sampling training workshop.

Before training begins

  • Get your free Zoom account
    • hold a test meeting with your instructor
  • Sign up for your free R-Studio/Cloud account
    • access the exercise materials via the email invitation I sent

Materials helpful for the course

Across the top of pages of this site are links to resources intended to aid in your learning. These links will lead to pages containing:

  • the syllabus
    • lecture and exercise topics by date
  • links to PDFs of all lectures
  • announcements and any material I want you to access
  • list of additional resources you can use during or after the training 󠁢

As always, feel free to send questions to me by email 📩.

You will see the box marked Code in the upper right corner of these pages. That exists should I choose to send along a bit of code for you to use. Otherwise the button does nothing.

Distance for your computer

The version of the Distance package we use during the workshop on the R-Studio/Cloud server is identical to the 1.0.5 version available on CRAN (18Mar22).

You will not need to install the Distance package onto your personal machine, as we will be doing everything in the cloud ☁. However, should you want the package on your personal computer: 🖥 execute the following lines of code:

install.packages("Distance")  # from CRAN